"Now Accepting Call Ahead and Pick Up Orders"

- 970 N Broadway #114, Los Angeles 90012 -


5pm to 3am Wednesday through Sunday


What you do after midnight is your business, providing you with quality food is ours. Whether you’re at the tail end of a bender, just getting home from a late night at your shitty ex’s or worse, we’ve got something to take the edge off.


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“Lasagna delRoyce”

Vegetarian lasagna with cheeeeeeese!
Individual Size $8.75
“Hangry Size” 1.5 lb $11.00
“Its a Party” size tray 4-6 people - $42.00

Tempura Fried Mushroom Taco

Corn tortilla with
tempura fried enoki and beach mushrooms, topped with a vegan chipotle lime aoili

3 tacos - $8

"Secret Lasagna”

Braised beef and pork sausage, red sauce lasagna loaded with cheesey goodness.
Individual Size $8.75
$11 serves 1-2
“Its a Party” size tray 4-6 people - $42

"Top Secret 'Lasagna'"

Roasted mushrooms and zucchini, layered with hearty red sauce and cashew basil “ricotta”
Individual Size $8.75
$11 serves 1-2
“Its a Party” size tray 4-6 people - $42

Tea Smoked Chicken Casserole

shredded tea smoked chicken, roasted broccoli and lemon curry mayo baked with breadcrumbs and aged gouda. Served over garlic rice.
$11 serves 1-2

"Annette Burger”

Berbere spiced Beef and Lamb blend on a white bun with kewpie mayo, and aged balsamic chimichurri


Browned sage garlic bread - made with Kerrygold butter

Tot Poutine - tots topped with melted mozzarella smothered in gravy

Garlic Butter Tots

Cheesy Bread

Fried Tots


Summer Berry Crisp

Blend of berries topped with "grandma's buttery topping"


Mexican Coca-Cola

12 oz Glass Bottle - Sweetened with real sugar

Coca-Cola Life

8oz glass bottle - Sweetened with real can sugar and stevia leaf extract