"Just making a note that we are closed for the time being. We will be announcing our relaunch date shortly. Don’t worry the craziest thing you've put in your mouth since college will be back before you know it!"


What you do after midnight is your business, providing you with quality food is ours. Whether you’re at the tail end of a bender, just getting home from a late night at your shitty ex’s or worse, we’ve got something to take the edge off.


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“Lasagna delRoyce”

Vegetarian lasagna with cheeeeeeese!
Individual Size $8.75
“Hangry Size” 1.5 lb $11.00
“Its a Party” size tray 4-6 people - $42.00

Tempura Fried Mushroom Taco

Corn tortilla with
tempura fried enoki and beach mushrooms, topped with a vegan chipotle lime aoili

3 tacos - $8

"Secret Lasagna”

Braised beef and pork sausage, red sauce lasagna loaded with cheesey goodness.
Individual Size $8.75
$11 serves 1-2
“Its a Party” size tray 4-6 people - $42

"Top Secret 'Lasagna'"

Roasted mushrooms and zucchini, layered with hearty red sauce and cashew basil “ricotta”
Individual Size $8.75
$11 serves 1-2
“Its a Party” size tray 4-6 people - $42

Tea Smoked Chicken Casserole

shredded tea smoked chicken, roasted broccoli and lemon curry mayo baked with breadcrumbs and aged gouda. Served over garlic rice.
$11 serves 1-2

"Annette Burger”

Berbere spiced Beef and Lamb blend on a white bun with kewpie mayo, and aged balsamic chimichurri


Browned sage garlic bread - made with Kerrygold butter

Tot Poutine - tots topped with melted mozzarella smothered in gravy

Garlic Butter Tots

Cheesy Bread

Fried Tots


Summer Berry Crisp

Blend of berries topped with "grandma's buttery topping"


Mexican Coca-Cola

12 oz Glass Bottle - Sweetened with real sugar

Coca-Cola Life

8oz glass bottle - Sweetened with real can sugar and stevia leaf extract